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Business Area & Core Competency of the Company

Business Area
    - Investments in high-tech start-up companies
    - Venture capital funds rising and management
    - Incubation, consulting, networking services for portfolios

Core Competency of the Company

■ Corporate Network

POSTECH VC is the only venture capital firm that has close partnerships with industries, universities, and research institutes, most of which are affiliates of POSCO, a global leading steel manufacturer. our strategic alliance, POSTECH, RIST, Pohang Techno Park, helps entrepreneurs and start-ups commercialize their idea into breakthrough products or services.

■ Man Power(Professional Venture Capitalist)

Our team consists of venture capitalists of extensive qualifications as CPA, Fund Manager and Investment Consultants with wide-range of work experiences. Our board of experts in Technology has 200 of researchers, professors in POSTECH and RIST.

■ Transparent & Ethical Management System

Following the ethical management philosophy of the Management in POSCO, in order for the company to not be compromised by unethical behaviours, rules and regulations on ethics will be followed. To have the transparent management system, we have reports from the commissioned board of the investment, outside accounting auditors, regular vitality management and the Financial Supervisory Service



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